Online Sniper Games That Won't Miss the Target

Sift Heads Cartels

screenshot of sift heads cartels game

The quality of the Sift Heads games has always been such that to underestimate their brilliance is effectively a crime against gaming in general. Sift Heads Cartels marks a much-anticipated return for the monochrome-loving, innate style-possessing series that puts you in the middle of the gritty, bloody, and downright dirty first-person action, only with a few noticeable changes this time around.

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Sift Heads Street Wars

screenshot of sift heads street wars game

Discrete, self-contained missions are a thing of the past for Sift Heads, or at least they are in Sift Heads: Street Wars, a massively multiplayer online game that takes the classic Sift Heads gameplay and connects it to a global network, allowing you to take on missions yourself and also enter battles in an arena-like combat situation. All I know is that more and more games are evolving to the MMO format, and I’m quite enjoying Sift Heads’ interpretation of it. 

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Sift Heads World Act 2

screenshot of sift heads world 2 game

I know that this phrase is used extremely often but in this case it holds true that you truly have not lived (in a flash gaming sense, anyhow) until you have experienced the realm of Sift Heads World. This is act 2 of the action shooter title series and has surprising depth, a rare first-person interface, and the city of Tokyo to cause trouble in this time around. It wouldn't be too much of a stretch to call this one of the best sniping experiences since the release of Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2, a compliment that is not to be taken lightly.

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Sift Heads World Act 1

screenshot of sift heads world 1 game

Don’t waste your time not shooting people in the face with a variety of weapons when you could actually be shooting people in the face with a variety of weapons in Sift Heads World Act 1. Assume the identity of any one of the three deadly characters and blast your way through your city in a game whose format is a mixture between Grand Theft Auto and Time Crisis.

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Sift Heads 2

screenshot of sift heads 2 game

The world of flash gaming is home to many great genres of game, but in contrast to the console/PC gaming world, (which has Sniper Elite V2 just to name a title that comes to mind) one thing it isn’t famous for is selection of excellent first-person shooters. After playing Sift Heads 2, however, you will wonder just how the first-person shooter genre isn’t already firmly on the map. Embark upon missions and choose your weapon as you attempt to shoot your way to mission success in one of the best games from a franchise that on occasion makes other shooting games embarrassed to even exist. 

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Sniper Assassin 4

It’s been pretty tough for our assassin in the previous games, but the action isn’t over yet. It’s time for more vengeance and more importantly, fulfilling of your mission criteria by picking off predetermined targets at long range in the correct order and to the exact specification asked of you.

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Sniper Assassin 5

screenshot of sniper assassin 5 game

Grab a gun and get your killin’ eye tested because you’re going to need some responsive retinas and some pretty swift extraocular muscles to spot your targets in the distance. Seek revenge for your friends as you prey on enemies from affair by popping a bullet in their heads, making use of the scenery to cover your tracks, and even engaging in a few mini-games to pass the time. 

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Sniper Assassin 6

As far as the simulation of [deep breath] ushering bullets over large distances with the help of a high-calibre firearm in order to encourage the aforementioned bullets to travel towards and enter the heads of your targets with sufficient force to pierce the skull and cause fatal damage, the Sniper Assassin series has got the edge on all but one of its competitors. I encourage you to feast your eyes on Sift Heads 5 for an example of the very best in flash-centric sniper simulation, but for the Sniper Assassin series, this is the perfect opportunity for them to better their competitor and come up with a sequel that is better than any of its predecessors and that is superior even to games of the Sift Heads fame. I’m not a developer, a designer, or even a person that is competent in the act of creative thought, but my lifetime of first-person shooter experience has encouraged me to at least list a few ways in which Sniper Assassin 6 could improve upon and expand upon its predecessors. 

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Sniper Assassin 7

Being an elite sniper can be tough: you have to keep steady aim, ensure that you have your target in your sights, and moreover, you often have to take unreasonable and demanding contracts just to make ends meet. It’s tough, but this is that challenge you face in Sniper Assassin 7:Quicksot where you must carry out missions with only one chance at the kill shot.

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Clear Vision 3

Sniper games can be very fun but only if they are done correctly: Clear Vision 3 takes the first-person genre and manages to do it justice in this mission-based sniper game with some extremely challenging targets, a variety of weapons, and upgrades that allow you to become the best damned sniper that you can possible be.

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Clear Vision 4

Sniping games can be the perfect pastime for the war game enthusiast, or just for people that enjoy mashing enemies with a torrent of bullets, but Clear Vision 4 is not just any sniping game (see Sniper for an example of your average, run-of-the-mill sniping title): it puts you in control of a soldier that uses a variety of weapons with different sights in a series of missions that will challenge, frustrate, but most importantly, entertain you.

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Sniper Team 3

Sniping is quite a specific genre when it comes down to it. Not content with merely firing from the hip or dual-wielding pistols at your enemies, sniping involves carrying a cumbersome weapon into battle and exposing yourself to varying degrees as you lay there like a sitting duck, blocking your entire field of view save from a small circle with crosshairs to assist your accuracy. Sniper Team is a series that's free to play and sits well within the Sniping Game genre. Highly polished and well-established in the sniping game world, Sniper Team is a great series with one problem: with a measly two titles of long-distance deadliness, there's not much longevity there. Sniper Team 3 may not exist yet, but there's no reason why I can't prepare a shopping list of features I'd like to see included in a sequel that would surely be the best sniping game out there if it was ever released.

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