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Clear Vision 4 – First-person sniping adventures with a range of weaponry

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Ok, so you’ve decided to become a sniper, so where do you start? Well, unfortunately, you are about 73 years too late to be a World War II sniper in the style of Vasily Zaytsef, and battles these days are largely (though not exclusively) fought with drones or brute force using artillery and long-range missiles. Becoming a real sniper outside of the military field would also be a tad unusual and a little too murder-y for my liking, so your best bet is to get your eyes, ears, and pretty much all of your senses around Clear Vision 4. The clear vision series has enjoyed great longevity, particularly with Clear Vision 3, the predecessor of the game that is under review today that gave the player control over a sniper fulfilling different missions but in contrast to other sniper games such as Sniper Assassin, doesn’t restrict you exclusively to a scoped weapon. Clear Vision 4 carries the torches of variety and style (one in each hand, with the sniper rifle on its back) and gives you more missions with a greater variety of weapons and more demanding challenges of patience, aim, and a good shooting eye.


The structure of Clear Vision 4 consists of performing missions through the eyes of a main character that is actually asleep in a hospital bed and merely remembering some previous missions, and very vividly might I add. The levels take place in the form of individual missions that are preceded with briefings that contain essential information about your target and the preferred tactics/requirements of the mission. All your missions are in the first person and often require you kill one or more targets in a variety of situations and ways, with straight-up shooting in the head being only half of the story; utilisation of objects that are dotted around the environment is also a key tactic, and so observation in each level is crucial to mission success.

No Scoped, Bro!

You must use the mouse to guide the gun’s sight around the screen and the left mouse button in order to shoot your weapon: that’s all there is to the control system, so there’s nothing too complicated there. Unlike other sniper games that restrict most, if not all of the gameplay to looking down a narrow scope, Clear Vision 3 allows you to utilise a few different weapons such as RPGs, pistols, and un-scoped rifles. You often have a partner in your missions that shoots from another unseen location to give you assistance in your efforts. Most missions consist of shooting people in a certain order so that they do not get away, and the utilisation of objects that I previous mentioned must be employed early on when you must shoot a heavy load suspended on a wire to kill enemies that are taking cover behind a wall.

Trigger Happy

Clear Vision 4 is a first-person sniper game that looks and plays like it is a cut above the rest. The graphics are fairly basic but the scope, shooting sound, and the behaviour of the environment in regards to the bullets (persistent bullet holes, cracked glass, blood spray etc.) all make for a game that just feels smoother and better than most other sniping games. The rigid mission progression and inability to choose your weapon may put some off the game, but this game’s focus is more on the tactical use of the surroundings and careful aiming instead of brute force and having an arsenal o weapons to please the players, and it is still one of the better sniping games out there.