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Clear Vision 3

Clear Vision 3 is a Tricky Sniping Game

Clear Vision 3: Take Aim

We already know that video games make sniping look easy –too easy actually that it makes the notion of quick headshots or even 2 for 1 kills so commonplace. But then again, there are game that over exaggerate on the details, Clear Vision: Elite Edition is a lot like this. The main culprit is the depiction of sway, which, judging from the way the view keeps moving around, means that the sniper is holding up the gun in freehand without bracing the gun or his body on a stable surface. This certainly makes shots very challenging (and at times, downright nasty), but also, it can make successful hits feel satisfying (but not always).

What is Clear Vision: Elite Edition?

Clear Vision 3 is a sniping game, it have a long ranged sniper rifle and some targets to take down. Players will only have a limited number of bullets per mission and of course, only a few chances to hit the target. Kill the wrong ones and you will want to start all over again. Of course, you will not want to keep missing and run out of bullets. At the end of each successful kill, players are awarded with a little bit of cash to be used for upgrading the gun. The better the gun, the stronger and more stable it is apparently. And you will want to change that initial gun as soon as you can as it is incredibly unstable. We wish you could just buy a decent bipod to mod the rifle but that is not an option in the game. Anyway, the money you earn from the assassinations will go to your funds for new guns which you can get from the shop.

Release Date: 08/02/2014

Available on: iOS, Android

App Store Rating: 4.3/5

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The Assassin's Home

Clear Vision 3: Home Environment

We find it quite fun that you play most of the game from the confines of what looks like a typical modern house. Flat screen TVs, sleek kitchen setup –the menus are integrated into the house but there are also large text labels telling you where everything is. While this sounds pretty user friendly, the game does not even have an introductory text to let you know what is going on. Honestly, no one would really expect that you have to start your missions from the kitchen –because apparently, the paper with the hit list is just right there on the counter.

Aside from a few objectionable design choices, the game is pretty much workable and the only real drawback here is the ridiculous aiming system which is a little too wonky for us to fully love and commit to. And that is a shame since this is a decent straightforward game in all other aspects. The stickman figure approach may have been done to death in by flash game artists, but at least this one managed to adapt to modern day mobile apps.

The Verdict: Just Keep Shooting

The weakest part of this game is sadly, the assassination (which is not a good thing). You have such a shaky aim that landing a shot often feels a lot less planned and often more blind luck. Expect to miss a lot, for controlling the aim is not as easy as it seems. But it does have some semblance of a pace and rhythm that is easy to get into. Aiming, shooting several times, then reloading –there is no auto reload when you clip runs out, it all becomes second nature once you start getting the hang of the game.


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Clear Vision 3 is developed by DPFLASHES STUDIOS Action.