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Clear Vision

Clear Vision 17+ Gets You Sniping for a Living

The graphics on Clear Vision 17+ may not be impressive at all, but that is not what the game is out. CV17+ is a sniping game where you take out some targets for clients with rather normal lives. There’s the man who wants to kill the person his wife is having an affair with, a student who wants to stop getting blackmailed by her principal, the issues are a little more domestic and mundane in nature and it actually gets us more interested in how the story unfolds and excited for new kills.

What is Clear Vision 17+?

Clear Vision 17+ is a sniping game for the browser. The story is pretty simple, players take one the role of a man who just quit from a terrible low-end job. And after being unable to get a new job, he decides to put his abilities for killing out on the market –because after all, being able to focus on your most marketable skills is critical to success. And unsurprisingly, he gets clients. The hits are all simple things, with targets that are not really all that complex or special.

But because you would be familiar with the context of the kill (who wants who killed, and why), it becomes an act that we are able to associate with more. After all, killing a pizza delivery guy in cold blood seems pretty dastardly. But when you know it is because of the fact that he is tearing a marriage apart, it feels a little better –and for some folks, even justified.

Release Date: 14/06/2013

Available on: iOS, Android

App Store Rating: 4.6/5

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Enjoying the Game

The best part about this game is that it does put too much of a strain on a player’s moral compass –there are some players out there who are squeamish with concepts like ‘murder simulators’. The fact that the entire series of Clear Vision is designed with stick figure characters already takes away much of the visual impact. Btu also seeing the very unlikely scenarios further adds to the game’s ability to distance itself from reality.

Much like the story, the gameplay itself is a very straightforward affair. You see world through the view of the scope and from there you will have to see out your target. Players will need to pay attention to the mission briefing in order to figure out where to look and who to shoot. Some missions are pretty easy –giving you only one possible target. But in some cases, several NPCs will be moving around the map, and you will need to rely on whatever details the mission briefing gave you in order to find the target.

Not surprisingly, the amount you earn per kill is not that large –a few hundred to a little over a thousand, while the value increases as you proceed in the game, it does make a defining statement about the who your clients are.

The Verdict: Easy Shooting

Playing Clear Vision 17+ is an easy and relaxing gaming experience. Very few of the missions will actually force you to work hard –in fact, if you pay attention to all the briefings, getting the job done is as easy as following the already simple instructions. Graphics-wise, there are plenty of better looking mobile games out there (the Flash-style vector art has the same feel as an unpolished browser game), so if you are looking for a game with a little more aesthetic value, this will be disappointing.

Rating: 85/100


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Clear Vision is developed by D P Flashes Studios.