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Hitman Sniper

Hitman Sniper is the Groundhog Day of Long Range Assassinations

A lot of folks may be getting this game in the hopes of playing an action packed sniper game, it is not. Hitman Sniper is just 20% sniper, and 80% Hitman. For Hitman fans, this is a totally awesome thing. Hitman is not just about being able to take plenty of quick headshots (or no scopes or whatnot). It is about careful and deliberate planning. It is about getting the people in the picture to move exactly where you want to them to be. Killing people is easy, controlling that chaos is difficult –and that is what Agent 47 excels at.

What is Hitman Sniper?

Hitman Sniper: What is Hitman Sniper

At first glance, Hitman Sniper looks like you typical sniper-themed game. Most of the things that happen occur through the view of a scope. But unlike other action games, you will not find active soldiers or armed thugs running around and shooting at you. No, you are poised at a rather comfortable distance overseeing a complex building housing a lot of individuals. And you have to observe their movements, know their patterns, and then when you need to perform a specific act (like making two headshots in a single shot), you need to know when the best time for that is.

Like Groundhog Day, each time you complete a mission, you start all over again. Same giant mansion/building, same occupants; what will vary is what you need to accomplish. As with other Hitman games, the best kills are the clean kills. No witnesses, no unnecessary sounds, and of course, you need to get out of there when you are done.

Release Date: 20/08/2015

Available on: iOS, Android

App Store Rating: 4.4/5

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Plan Your Moves Carefully

Hitman Sniper: Plan Your Moves Carefully

We love the fact that this is not a shoot-first, ask-later kind of game. Like a typical Hitman game, each move you make will have repercussions, so you need to know which ones will cause the effects that lead to desirable results. Killing a target too early will not be a good idea since you might have people reacting to it. You need to wait until you can get not only a clean shot, but also the chance to isolate a target from everyone else. Sometimes, you need to eliminate certain targets in a specific order in order to prevent them from alerting each other. This is as much a puzzle game as it is a murder simulation.

Read the Context

We will not spoil the story for anyone, but while most of Hitman Sniper is without actual direct narrative other than your basic flavor text for missions, there is a pretty intricate, multilayered story to be found here. You just need to look more closely though your scope. The way that the various NPCs move and interact with each other will reveal key plot points about the location, who they are, and of course, what they are doing. You can tell the various relationships that each character has –which is an impressive thing since that means that the developers have really put in some thought to how the animations go.

The way they also react when you start attacking is also a telling way to learn of the game's deeper context. It is a story that is a combination of interesting, silly, and in lots of ways, darkly macabre content and characters.

The Verdict: Over and Over Again

There are many other games like this –the most impressive title to note would be Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, which all happens in the confines of a single military complex. But yes, the idea of constantly doing different tasks in a single stage is a pretty novel concept that is also hard to do. Square Enix has produced a Hitman game that manages to get this right. If you fear about the gameplay getting too repetitive, it is not. There are dozens upon dozens of ways you can mess with the people in the game, different methods of accomplishing kills, and best of all, unique and sometimes unpredictable ways that the enemy AI will react to you. It is an amazing game experience. This is an assassination simulation game that you should certainly try.

Rating: 94/100

Hitman Sniper 2: We Discuss a Possible Sequel

hitman sniper 2 game

It is easy to love a game like Hitman Sniper. At first look, it seems like a generic game. But after playing the first couple of missions, it is easy to get hooked in the game’s intricate and nuanced style of gameplay. This is not a senseless shooting game, but one that forces the player to think long and hard about making an assassination, and getting it done right. So what should the sequel be? For one thing, it should still have the same style as the original: mastery through repetition, varying NPC behavior. But what else should be added to make it better? Read on and find out. Continue Reading


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Hitman Sniper is developed by Square Enix.