Sift Heads Street Wars MMO Game

Sift Heads: Street Wars – A massively multiplayer online game with the Sift Heads touch

Out in the World

The world of Sift Heads is far from glamorous. More often than not, you’re travelling around the world, engaging in gritty gun battles in a first-person perspective and causing all sorts of trouble simply by existing. Even when you’re attempting to alleviate the trouble, you are often required to cause even more destruction and carnage in order to do so. Fans of the series will know that it’s been a difficult and tiring run for Vinnie and the other characters, so it could be time to give them a rest and immerse yourself into the Sift Heads world by playing under whichever pseudonym you wish and assuming control of your very own assassin in Sift Heads: Street Wars, a hugely entertaining MMO that takes everything that was sublime about Sift Wars and integrates it into a massive online network of servers, allowing you to roam freely and take on a variety of missions while interacting with fellow players and feeling part of a gaming network that is alive with players going about their murderous business. Sounds like a brilliant pastime to me, and I cannot understand why I haven’t played this game sooner in my life.

Street Smarts

Sift Heads: Street Wars isn’t like the previous titles. You’re not going to find the same first-person action that you did in Sift Heads World 6, but rather a 3D world of third-person perspective where you get to wander around freely and complete a variety of missions for your own benefit. The aim is simply to make your way through the missions, interacting with the necessary characters and taking missions from Mr. Brooks. These missions often (or exclusively)  involve killing whoever you are asked to kill, which for example in the first mission is three hobos doing their laundry in the Laundromat .

Controlling Career Criminals

 It has always been brutal in the Sift Heads World, and this game shows no letting up of the blood and violence since you make your way through the game earning various weapons and items for your character, starting with a baseball bat and moving on to pistols, shotguns and machineguns. It’s a bit annoying that you are encouraged to purchase gold with real money, though, with gold being a currency in the game that allows you advantages like purchasing items you would otherwise have to earn or that wouldn’t otherwise be available. Regardless of these drawbacks, you control your character with the directional arrows, interact by pressing ‘E’, and use the mouse/mouse button one to move and attack after you have drawn your weapon with the spacebar. You can also assign weapons and items such as medkits to the number keys in order to make things a little quicker and easier for you.

Right Up Your Street

The game’s format won’t appeal to everyone, but the whole thing is designed fairly well, it has a load of different weapons and missions, and it maintains the Sift Heads Style through and through. Pyrozen have always taken great care in making their games and it shows in this one as it always has done in the series. This one brings Sift Heads players closer together and integrates them into an online community with arena play and missions to occupy yourself with: not bad for a game with stick-figure graphics.