Sift Heads World 2 Game

Sift Heads World Act 2: The Treacherous Return – First-person perspective on some unbelievably brilliant shooting action

Rarer than a Precious Metal

As an absolutely undying fan of the first-person shoot genre, I’m always on the lookout for flash-based interpretations of the genre that are competent enough to at least do it justice. As you can imagine due to a combination of my glorification of the legendary Counter Strike games and the relative rarity of first-person shooter games whether they are stickman like or any other, I am very often disappointed; my high standards could also be a factor in this also. Discovering the Sift Heads series of games was therefore akin to being smacked right in the chin with just one of the many firearms available to you in any one of its many games. Today’s admiration is directed towards Sift Heads World Act 2: The treacherous return, which has us jetting off to Tokyo for some more of the same and a considerable bit of the different. Expect guns, blood, and more importantly, some classic over-the-top cut-scenes to hold together the brilliant portrait of the perfect flash-based shooter that is Sift Heads World.

Gameplay? More like Maimplay..

The interface and general format of Sift Heads World Act 2 is remarkably similar to its predecessor. In fact, the whole thing looks almost identical aside from a little polish and some new content. Firstly, the format is of course entirely in the first-person aside from the main menu, which is in the form of an overview of the city that you can explore with relative freedom by clicking on the various locations with the mouse.

The missions themselves take you to the eye-line of your chosen character as you explore each area, often encountering enemies along the way. The Spacebar allows you to draw your weapon and enter aiming mode where you use the mouse to point the crosshair at the enemy, pressing mouse button 1 to fire in order to take your foe down. While other side-tasks also abound in the game, they are all controlled with basic buttons and the mouse as well. Each mission will see you taking down a variety of enemies with an arsenal of weapons that have the potential to dismember your victims and put the integrity of their skull in serious jeopardy.

Guns and Guts

New weapons in this sequel include a crossbow and an entry shotgun, and the classic pistols, sniper rifles, Uzis, throwing stars, and throwing knives remain. You can also customise your outfit by going to visit the clothes shop and purchasing a new outfit to suave-up your appearance a little. Purchasing these items obvious costs money which can be attained by successfully completing the various missions in the game.

More Than Worthy

Games Free CA's game puts you through over 12 missions of gun-toting, impossibly action-packed fun with every second of it being animated in the distinctive stick-figure style that the series always employs to create a simultaneous sense of absurdity and originality. The game isn’t really that different from its predecessor, but as the second act of a multi-act series, you wouldn’t expect it to feel like an entirely different game in the first place, and Sift Heads World Act 2 ensures that it achieves the style and smoothness of the original while including enough new content and weapons to keep long-term fans interested.