Sniper Assassin 4 Game

Sniper Assassin 4 – Yet another long-range bullet-delivery game with distinctive style

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

Long-range targeting of opponents just makes sense, doesn’t it? Putting hundreds of meters of distance between you and the recipient of your bullet minimises the risk of him fighting back and also allows you to escape pretty swiftly after the deed is done. It’s not all a breeze, however, as our loveable sniper of the much-loved Sniper Assassin series finds out in this heart-wrenching sequel to the wildly popular Sniper Assassin 3. You think it’s all going smoothly when suddenly your wife is found murdered after a day working for an evil syndicate. The only recourse here is to eliminate every single person that gets in your way until you find and bring the killer to justice. Sweet, bullet-based justice.

Sniper’s Considerations

Sniper Assassin 4 continues the series’ long-running format of having your enter into the task of completing successive missions that are given to you in the form of a brief. You must read the brief and go about shooting in the exact manner in which the brief indicates to you. Sometimes the game will call upon you to straight-up assassinate all targets in sight, but more often than not, you are required to adjust your tactics and be mindful of hindrances and a variety of factors such as the line of sight of the enemy, or having to simply injure/delay targets by using the surrounding environment to your advantage. In some instances, you must shoot objects around the victim in order to distract/delay them, and in others you must kill people in a certain order or pick someone out from a crowd. It might sound quite simple, but sometimes the brief can be a little ambiguous and you must use you best judgement in order to complete the mission successfully.

Control Freak

Controlling the action you ask? Oh, you didn’t? I shall tell you anyhow since it’s only polite: use the mouse to aim the crosshair in the direction that you desire, and use mouse button 1 to fire your weapon, it’s as simple as that. The game is viewed exclusively through your scope, so you will find that you have to sweep the viewfinder across the screen a few times before you can properly get a feel of the environment around you, but this is all part of being an assassin, you see.

Sniper of the Month

I wouldn’t say that Sniper Assassin 4 is the best looking game that I’ve played, though its visual style has consistently been simple and based on the stick figure silhouette style that instantly makes me think ‘Sniper Assassin’ as soon as I lay eyes on it, so its aesthetic is very effective in that sense. The gameplay has a decent storyline running throughout as well to ensure that it doesn’t simply feel like shoot, kill, repeat without any overarching purpose or justification binding the game together at the seams. Gonzo Games clearly know how to push the ‘impress’ buttons in fans of the sniper game genre since there are seven titles in the series thus far and I’m sure that there will be more. One can only hope that the series continues improving as it always has done, delivering above-board, above-average sniping fun that earns this game in particular the award of ‘Sniper of the Month’.