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Sniper Assassin 5: Final – Long-range, first-person shooting where you scope is your only friend

Professional Hide and Seek-ist 

Who’d be a sniper? This profession truly must be the personification of loneliness itself with the requirement of sitting and waiting patiently for your target to make a move or take action so that you can make your move and blow his/her face into an unrecognisable ex-face. Snipers sometimes have to wait for hours for the perfect shot, with only their scope as company (and technically a scout that helps them line up their shot and performs the calculations for the variables but we’ll leave realism out of it for now). It doesn’t sound all that entertaining, but the Sniper Assassin series will have something to say about that with their most recent masterpiece, Sniper Assassin 5: Final. With so many third-person shooters out there, and with Sift Heads dominating the first-person games in the flash arena, Sniper Assassin 5: Final is a serious contender for anyone’s Top 10 list of addictive flash games.

Gameplay Matters

A seasoned sniper will be right at home with the way Sniper Assassin 5: Final is played, and to any newcomers to the game that don’t pick it up quickly, there is no hope for you, since it is incredibly straight forward. Your aim is simply to take aim with the mouse, use Z to zoom in incrementally and X to reset your aim and zoom out for a wider view of the level. The game progresses in a fairly linear fashion and involves completing separate missions where you must kill enemies whilst fulfilling certain criteria such as not killing innocent bystanders, hiding the bodies using various items in the environment, and shooting only a selected number of people.

Revenge from Considerable Range

The game follows a pretty forgettable storyline that involves exacting revenge for your fallen friend Ben whose death has been taken quite badly by you in particular. The missions essentially take the form of sniping in a variety of locations with targets of different properties: some are running down the street as you attempt to pop them from a shaky helicopter; some are in various windows in the distance and are well-hidden with decoys and red herrings that will occasionally make your finger way too itchy for you not to scratch it with the trigger.

Unfortunately, there isn’t really that much variation in the missions when it comes down to it, but everything is very well put together. While it doesn’t quite display the style and eccentricity of the Sift Heads series, it is fairly well polished in its appearance and the storyline does give some justification to it all. It’s just a shame that you can’t choose your weapons, and even if you could, you wouldn’t really get to see them in action or reap the benefits of them because of the scope-only view that is imposed upon you by the game.

Bring Your Own Body-bag

The relentless revenge killing in Sniper Assassin 5 is fairly satisfying and can compare on a contextual level to more supreme sniper games such as the Konami's old arcade classic Silent Scope or the soon to be released Hitman Sniper Challenge due out shortly on Steam , and the 13 missions will definitely have you squinting at the screen for quite some time in an effort to identify and de-life your assailants. Unfortunately, I found the game to be a little repetitive with not much variation between the levels aside from being handicapped every time to a certain extent by having the gun wobble as you attempt to aim or by having the target move in unusual ways. The lack of upgrade system for your guns is also concerning, as is the generic stick-figure style that doesn’t really hit the spot like Sift Heads does. It’s a game with some shortcomings, but it sits atop most on account of its fairly solid gameplay and respectable level of polish.