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Sniping is quite a specific genre when it comes down to it. Not content with merely firing from the hip or dual-wielding pistols at your enemies, sniping involves carrying a cumbersome weapon into battle and exposing yourself to varying degrees as you lay there like a sitting duck, blocking your entire field of view save from a small circle with crosshairs to assist your accuracy. Sniper Team is a series that's free to play and sits well within the Sniping Game genre. Highly polished and well-established in the sniping game world, Sniper Team is a great series with one problem: with a measly two titles of long-distance deadliness, there's not much longevity there. Sniper Team 3 may not exist yet, but there's no reason why I can't prepare a shopping list of features I'd like to see included in a sequel that would surely be the best sniping game out there if it was ever released. Continue Reading

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Sniper Team 3 - Being far-sighted about the future of the series with ideas and suggestions for the sequel

Blame the Tools

There's definitely a certain appeal about the calm, collected, and deadly nature of sniping, and you've got games ranging from the old-school (Silent Scope, Delta Force) to the newer console/PC-based games (Sniper Elite; what a series) that prove sniping has a place in the hearts of many gamers around the world. These games also offer a nice variety of weapons to boot. The problem with Sniper Team 2 is that I feel there really isn't much choice in terms of actual sniper rifles. Sure, you've got four characters to choose from, each with their own specific weapons ranging from the BL58 assault rifle to the ones you unlock later on such as the M699 and the deadly Predator v1.0. This is a rich weapons selection, but this is a sniping game, is it not?

I count four different guns that can be classed as sniper rifles, and though that's more than you'd get in most games, I'd expect a little more selection of long-ranged delights from a game whose name suggests that sniping is the main form of communication with your enemy throughout. How about we see some other rifles such as the Accuracy International AWP or the Steyr Scout (ok, so I'm a fan of Counter Strike; big woop wanna fight about it?), or even some old-school sniper rifles like the Walter Gewehr 43. How these WW2 rifles would be incorporated into the game is up to the developers, I'm just saying what would be cool for Sniper Team 3 here.

These Cats Got Stats

Increasing the stats of your weapons in Sniper Team 2 is pretty much a given. If you've got the money, you can increase things like power and rate of fire like it was nothing. But when it comes to the stats of your team, you're stuck with levelling up as a whole and cannot specifically increase their individual stats. It's a simple request, but it would be more like an incredible Sniper-RPG if you could actually develop the individual stats of your team, a feature that even incredible sniping games like Clear Vision 5 can't compete with.


I can't argue with the format of Sniper Team 2. Having four people in the field at once and being able to switch between them to get different angles and basically provide four times the firepower is an incredible feat for a free-to-play browser-based game. But it wouldn't be the worst idea to be able to move around a little instead of being fixed in place with your weapon twirling around in a rather unnatural manner. A bit of freedom to move, even if it was just for a few levels and with one or two characters, would make Sniper Team 3 a much better experience.

(Boom) Headshot!

It's a classic request that you'll find most fans of shooting games want: realism. Not just any realism however: the realism that involves seeing your enemies' brains fly all over the place and them slumping on the floor motionless. This is the kind of stuff you take for granted in games like Soldier of Fortune or Sniper 2: Ghost Warrior, but wouldn't it be really cool if we could see this kind of realistic damage in Sniper Team 3? Yes. The answer is most definitely yes. 

Sniper Team 3 has not yet been developed, why not play one of our other Sniping Games below?